I´m writing this blog as a guide for my own investments – it comes from an individual investor´s perspective and experience.
I invite you to look over my shoulder and share my journey towards an active, professional investment portfolio. I describe my own practical implementation of the most compelling investment and trading ideas I can find, the pits I encounter and how I navigate the overwhelming amount of information out there. My focus is on evidence-based investing paired with common sense to filter out the noise and figure out what really works. I use freely available tools and research to invest systematically without the advantage of having a background in data science or math.

This blog´s purpose is to aid me in keeping my investment approach on a straight path and to help me think clearly about different investment issues. I hope, as a reader, you can gain the same advantage.

I put together a rulebook for strategic investing to serve as a guideline to create and evolve a written investment plan to manage my own money. You can read my investment blueprint on this blog by following the numbered posts 1 through 9. Unnumbered posts delve deeper reflecting subjects I research and new ideas I develop, because I think they are interesting and may be important to my investments.
My goal is to create an adaptive, diversified portfolio of asset classes, factors and strategies that yields high risk-adjusted returns.

I think of it as building a personal hedge fund to manage my own money.

Monthly returns and equity curve of my portfolio
I indexed the equity curve to a starting value of 100.000 as in reality my equity value changes because of withdrawals and deposits.
Date Monthly Return Capital NAV Annual Return Portfolio Statistics
1-Nov-2015 0 100000
1-Dez-2015 1,19% 101190 Compound Return
1-Jan-2016 1,14% 102344 1,19% 20,90%
1-Feb-2016 0,44% 102794 Standard Deviation
1-März-2016 1,04% 103863 10,81%
1-Apr-2016 1,43% 105348 Sharpe Ratio
1-Mai-2016 2,20% 107666 1,93
1-Juni-2016 2,42% 110271
1-Juli-2016 3,50% 114131
1-Aug-2016 2,61% 117110
1-Sep-2016 2,20% 119686
1-Okt-2016 2,55% 122738
1-Nov-2016 2,09% 125303
1-Dez-2016 1,83% 127596
1-Jan-2017 2,39% 130646 24,70% 2016
1-Feb-2017 4,26% 136211
1-März-2017 1,69% 138513
1-Apr-2017 1,52% 140619
1-Mai-2017 0,40% 141181
1-Juni-2017 -11,27% 125264
1-Juli-2017 -0,38% 124786
1-Aug-2017 4,99% 131009
1-Sep-2017 1,65% 133176
1-Okt-2017 6,42% 141720
1-Nov-2017 1,09% 143260
1-Dez-2017 -2,13% 140208
1-Jan-2018 7,17% 150259 15,40% 2017
1-Feb-2018 2,51% 154027
1-März-2018 13,82% 175318
1-Apr-2018 -6,19% 164459
1-Mai-2018 5,62% 173695 15,75% YTD 2018

Note: Until June 2017 I calculated my equity using realized profits and losses which has smoothed the equity curve artificially and resulted in a higher than actual loss recorded in June 2017, when I switched to recording the percentage change of my actual net asset value at the end of each month.


all the best to your investing
David Steets


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